Big Bang

According to the artists of the collective Uxu Studio, there’s nothing that symbolises disruption – and destruction, war, and aggression – more than a bomb. Their blue-lit bomb Big Bang hangs somewhat threateningly in the air like it is just about to hit the surface.

It is meant to arouse fear, but those who come closer will also discover something surprising about the artwork: it is covered in soft feathers that mysteriously light up and occasionally make way for hundreds of small, twinkling lights. Strangely enough, this gives the bomb a softer, almost romantic, and above all, harmless appeal. The title of the artwork probably also refers to the other famous ‘big bang’, the one that created the universe, time, and space, and ultimately our planet.

Where the first ‘big bang’ set everything in motion, UxU Studio’s Big Bang indicates the end. Tragically, we seem to be breaking down and exhausting the earth with our polluting industries, overpopulation, and wars. We hear, read and see news stories about that on a daily basis, and while they may shock us at first, we quickly go back to our own worries – it’s as though we have become immune to it. How will you react when the chaos invades your safe environment? Will you feel fear, anger, or a sense of calmness?

Luckily, it all remains a dark fantasy with this bomb…

About the artist

UxU Studio, founded in 2011 by Kuan-Hung Chen and Ying-Chu Chen, is a Taiwanese collective of architects, designers, and artists. Their experimental, multidisciplinary approach leads to surprising (light)objects, which are often made of simple and ordinary materials. Sometimes, this results in big installations to wander in or just to quietly sit in. Other times, they enlarge or reduce a recognizable thing or image to a surrealistic size.

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© UxU Studio
© Janus van den Eijnden