Arc Zero

Arc ZERO is the 10th iteration of the “Arc” series - culminating a body of work spanning 12 years. Each arc is a site-determined work beginning as a simple arc - an elegant and perfect form which is then left to a natural process to become transformed into the site. 

Arc ZERO uses water to produce mist which erupts from the rigid structure and is carried through the air by the wind as a diaphanous temporary form. The ring itself presents as an immersive portal, inviting the viewer to engage physically with the work and experience the site’s phenomena in a direct and personal way.

About the artist

As a contemporary land artist James Tapscott works primarily outdoors, in the public realm, though often quite remote. His works are site specific, even site-determined and fuse simple materials and aesthetics with localized natural phenomena and light. Often he creates an installation and adapt it to a number of sites, creating subtly (sometimes profoundly) different experiences. He works in a reductive way – eliminating unnecessary visual material and aesthetic baggage to communicate a sense of the sublime as directly as possible. The experiences of Tapscott’s work are felt as much as they are observed and remind us how our modes of perception are merely a choice.

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