Boundary of Light – Sea World Light Festival

‘Boundary of Light – Sea World Light Festival’ took place in 2016 and was curated by The Pin Projects. In collaboration with Light Art Collection and Connecting Cities (Germany), 9 interactive lighting and video installations from China, the Netherlands, Germany and Canada were on display. The festival aimed to blur the boundaries between art, design and architecture, and offer a multidimensional experience to visitors through a unique interpretation of light by its creators.


Our contribution

Collection /

Participating artists

C/C, Angela Chong - Moonburn, Stichting Barstow - Sneaky Terpents, Tropisme Art and Science Collective - Serge Schoemaker Architects - Lightbattle lll, VENINVIDIMULTIPLEX

Facts & Figures

  • 22 days

  • 9 artworks