Rhizome House

In botany, a rhizome is an underground root that branches from nodes both above and below-ground, creating a huge structure. Rhizome House is a life-size representation of this root system.

This interdisciplinary artwork encourages you to closer examine the structure and let yourself be overwhelmed by the teeming roots. The light in the installation changes in colour: from cool blues to bright pinks, encouraging you to explore more. All in all, Rhizome House provokes an alienating experience that makes you think about how everything in our environment is connected.

About the artist

DP Architects is a leading international multidisciplinary architectural practice in Singapore, specialized in architecture, urban planning, landscape design, infrastructure design, engineering, sustainable design, interior design and – last but not least – light design. The firm has worked on impressive projects, such as the biggest shopping mall in the world in Dubai.

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