Have you realised that your daily environment is constantly illuminated by devices?

Think of the light in your microwave, fridge and the illuminated billboards on your city’s street. These lights provide us with information, food and entertainment, regardless of the rhythms of day and night. Meke Vrienten, student at the Breitner Academy, built this ‘monument’ using everyday objects. It is an ode to the lamps that form such an important part of the decor of our daily lives, but it’s also a critique: they symbolise the indifferent way we treat our environment.

About the artist

Meke Vrienten (1991) is a student in the Bachelor programme Fine Arts and Design at the Breitner Academy (Amsterdam School of the Arts). Peace, quiet and consciousness are the subjects of her art, and with her works, she often invites viewers to take a closer look. She uses a wide range of techniques depending on the subject, from painting to filming. Vrienten’s artwork is the result of an ongoing annual collaboration between Amsterdam Light Festival and the Breitner Academy, which gives young and creative talent a platform to present their work.


Janus van den Eijnden (header), Bart Heemskerk