The creation of the interactive installation Light Piano 2.0 was inspired by the question ‘how can music and image become one?’ The cubes placed in this spatial composition are connected to the keys of the piano, meaning that Lightpiano 2.0 can be regarded as both a work of art and an instrument. 

In this installation the sound of the piano is being mobilised and visualised, allowing the audience not only to play the piano but also to play the light. The result is a special kind of instrument that resonates with ears, eyes and heart.

About the artist

Artists Arion de Munck and Mark Ridder met during their studies at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Since 2012 the artists develop, produce, and install artworks, interactive installations and exhibitions. An important question in their work is 'how can sound and image become one?' Combining the fields of architectual-, light- and interaction design with sound and music makes their projects immerse the audience and let them play an active role, instead of being a passive viewer.

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