Infinity by Stephen Newby consists of a ring of light, trapped between two mirrors. As everybody who ever stood between two mirrors knows, this creates the effect of endless reflection. To the visitor it looks as if an endless tunnel is drilling itself into the water.


Creating alienation among spectators is what this artist is all about in his work. The two mirrors symbolize the 'old' and the 'new' Europe. The endless reflection of light represents all possibilities that mutual cooperation offers. "In addition," adds the artist, "Infinity is about to stay connected with each other in time."

About the artist

Stephen Newby’s aim to challenge preconceived notions about the nature of materials and their possible forms has always been the focus of his work. For the last two decades Newby’s work has been concerned with exploring his own process of forming stainless steel through inflating or 'blowing' as if it were glass. It is a way of sculpting that breathes life into metal and metamorphoses steel from a flat state into a soft and dynamic form that almost appears organic rather than manufactured. He recently broadened his field of work with other forms, including light.

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