Balmond Studio engages with the systems of organisation that surround us.

The very mechanics of life itself. Fractals are a rich territory for explanation. A fractal is essentially a system of self-similarity on infinite scales. Think forms or patterns that can be subdivided or multiplied limitlessly from one identical source – contingent parts of a universal whole.

Beyond the surface
The design of the installation Infinita is also based on a fractal: the tetrahedron, a pyramid with a triangular ground surface. Bright sparkling quartz structures composed of many tetrahedrons engage the consciousness echoing the form of cracked crystals. But on a second look, you will see beyond the surface to the complexity of the internal structure. Just like Alice in Wonderland, it seems as if you step through the mirror and suddenly enter a parallel reality, where time, space, and the status quo have shifted forming strange and new horizons.

Essence of our existence
Balmond asks the question: is the essence of our existence what we can see, touch, and feel? Or does it lie underneath the surface, consisting of the complex systems and encoded grids, that shape the world around us?

About the Artists

Cecil Balmond (1943) is known for his innovative designs for famous contemporary structures, such as the CCTV building in Beijing and multiple Serpentine Gallery Pavilions in London. Balmond was born in Sri Lanka and started his engineering education there at the University of Colombo. After his graduation he moved to Great Britain to continue his studies. In London, Balmond started working for international engineering heavyweight Ove Arup & Partners. Over time he rose up the ranks founding the design and research group AGU (Advanced Geometry Unit) and eventually becoming Deputy Chairman.

In 2010 he established his own studio, with an international team of architects, artists, designers, engineers, theoreticians and academics. Balmond Studio’s practice is based on research: particularly the study of emergent form, animate geometry, science, nature and mathematics. Investigation within the crossover or overlap between these disciplines informs Balmond’s design methodology from architecture and interiors, to public and fine art, product, fashion and branding.

With Infinita, whose design is based on a fractal, Balmond Studio asks questions about the essence of our existence.


Janus van den Eijnden